About D2 Brake Kits

The Kit

The D2 Racing brake kit includes everything you will need except brake fluid.

  • Pair of lightweight strong aluminium calipers
  • Pair of race specification rotors
  • Pair of lightweight aluminium bells
  • Pair of steel brackets
  • Pair of braided brake lines
  • Set of brake pads
  • Full fitting kit
  • Fitting guide

The standard braking system in a production car is designed to work within certain parameters. They are designed to give consistent strong cold bite and to have the ability to stop the car from high speed in an emergency. Most braking systems will withstand some degree of spirited driving and repeat hard stops but it generally doesn't take much to push the original braking system past its limits. Spirited driving and braking generates heat. Generate too much heat and the original specification brake pads can no longer cope and their coefficient of friction drops rapidly resulting in brake fade.

The symptom of brake fade is a braking system that no longer generates retardation in direct relation to the pressure exerted on the brake pedal, i.e. the car no longer slows faster as you apply more force to the brake pedal. The pedal feels wooden and braking performance drops off a cliff so that no matter how hard to press the pedal the car no longer slows at an appreciable rate.

The second casualty of heat is the performance of the brake fluid which, in a standard braking system, is of a relatively low temperature boiling point. The heat generated by hard, prolonged and repeat braking is conducted through the brake pads, through the calipers pistons into the brake fluid. Once the brake fluid is heated past its boiling point gas bubbles are produced. In its fresh state brake fluid is incompressible so when you press the brake pedal the fluid transfers this force to caliper piston movement so pushes the pads onto the rotors generating braking force. Gas, however, is compressible so when the fluid boils and generates gas the driver finds himself faced with a brake pedal that moves but this movement is not transferred into caliper piston movement so the car doesn't slow down at its normal rate. In extreme conditions the brake pedal can go straight to the floor with no appreciable piston movement so virtually no braking effect at all.

Designed to Perform

The D2 Racing big brake kits are designed to cope with the heat generated by extreme braking on the road or track. Where as the standard braking system will quickly overheat and no longer perform the D2 Racing brake kits will dissipate this heat so keeping the braking system within its operating parameters allowing you, the driver, to brake for much longer and much harder. It is extremely unlikely that a driver will find the limits of a D2 Racing braking system if they choose the right kit to suit their needs, no matter if the car is a road car, race car or sprint car.

This frees you up to enjoy the performance of your vehicle without having to hold back on the braking effort used or cut your track time short due to a fading braking system. With a set of D2 Racing brakes you can concentrate on maximising the cars performance knowing with full confidence that every time you hit the brake pedal the car will stop progressively and consistently.